ONE Record: The key to a transparent supply chain

New era of air freight thanks to IATA data format

Air freight logistics is a complex and highly regulated field that is characterized by many manual processes. Often, paper-based processes are still used. Every player in this industry, be it an airline, a freight forwarder, a customs agent or a shipper, works with different systems and procedures. This leads to a multitude of challenges.

But at a time when the need for improved data analytics and predictive analytics to better understand customer needs and optimize operations in a highly competitive environment is increasing, a digitized and transparent supply chain is essential.

What is ONE Record?

ONE Record is an initiative in air freight logistics to break down data silos along the transport chain and simplify collaboration across company boundaries using standardized data formats. Documents are no longer created, sent and forwarded multiple times; instead, each player makes its data available in a standardized way via modern interfaces and grants access to the requesting companies. This means that all relevant information about a freight shipment is available to all parties involved in the transport process in a standardized, digitalized form and in real time. The initial definition of the standard was developed by a consortium of different logistics experts, research institutes and software companies under the leadership of IATA in response to the increasing challenges in logistics. Further information can be found at: IATA – ONE Record Standard.



The aim is
to merge fragmented isolated solutions from a very heterogeneous industry with a non-uniform system landscape, a lack of data standards and different information densities into a uniform data standard in order to achieve maximum transparency and a high degree of digitalization along the supply chain. This is an open source data model that maps the entire transportation process by creating a digital twin of the actual physical movement of the freight that can be accessed by all parties involved. Clear “ownership” of the digital twin avoids redundant data thanks to the “single source of truth” and creates clear responsibilities for fast action and well-founded statements about the status quo, position, arrival and much more of the freight.

Communication for standardized data exchange along a supply chain is carried out using NE:ONE (= opeN sourcE: ONE record server software), an open source solution whose reference implementation was developed by the ISO-Gruppe on behalf of the Fraunhofer Institute. The development was conducted as part of the DTAC (Digital Test Area Air Cargo) and supported by the BMDV (Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport Affairs). This know-how is now available.


NE:ONE can be found in the repository of the Open Logistics Foundation here.

ONE Record NE:ONE Making Cargo talk

We make cargo talk

Thanks to the reference implementation of NE:ONE, we have specific know-how and combine this with known tasks and projects. This enables us not only to advise our customers on the implementation, support and maintenance of NE:ONE servers, but also to link various systems and applications (e.g. IoT, SAP, blockchain) with the NE:ONE world. This ensures optimal and secure data exchange and end-to-end communication between systems and logistics partners in order to take proactive measures and ensure compliance with the requirements of customers and regulatory authorities.

NE:ONE One Record-03One data standard – many systems – no problem in the future

Not only the creation of a uniform data standard, but also ONE Record-compliant communication between different logistics systems of various participants is crucial for successful digitalization along the supply chain — regardless of whether the system used is logistics, ERP, TMS or booking software.

We help you to ensure that your system understands the other systems and vice versa. Because ISO wants to provide technology that digitizes the entire supply chain (Air) or makes it possible.


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ONE Record benefits that will inspire you

Data quality and control

Data is shared by a data owner who is in full control of data quality. Data stays at the source and the owner determines who may or may not access their data.

Visibility & transparency

ONE Record aims to cover the end-to-end transportation chain, from the shipper to the consignee. Each party is able to share data of the shipment with relevant parties, ensuring enhanced visibility and transparency.

Plug & play connectivity

ONE Record facilitates the direct connectivity between all the industry stakeholders through the use of web API. This will lead to new cooperative IT solutions and innovation.

Future of digital cargo

ONE Record creates the foundation for true digital air cargo where airlines, their partners and service providers will be able to develop collaborative and automated digital services.

Your path to optimized logistics processes

Effective integration services & consulting

Companies wishing to take advantage of the ONE Record standard must adapt their existing systems accordingly and integrate them into ONE Record. This requires a comprehensive understanding of the interfaces defined in the standard, the logistics objects and the associated processes.

With NE:ONE, our ISO-Gruppe team has created the official reference implementation for ONE Record. We have made a significant contribution to the development and current design of the standard and continue to support the open source project as technical responsible party in order to respond to new requirements. As experts in this field, we offer you professional support for all challenges arising from the implementation and use of ONE Record.

 Would you like to make your IT logistics fit for ONE Record, but don't yet have the necessary resources? We will be happy to support you in implementing the connection of your existing systems to the ONE Record standard.



Do you have your own IT department, are you already planning the integration into ONE Record and want to make sure that you understand the standard correctly? Our consultants will be happy to support you with your planning in advance. Whether it's designing the right system architecture, answering specific questions about the standard or commissioning the reference implementation of NE:ONE. Please feel free to contact us.

ONE Record in use

Even though the official launch was not scheduled until January 2026, NE:ONE is already in use. At the hackathon in Frankfurt and Doha, innovative minds have already been able to use our NE:ONE reference implementation, build their own ideas on it and present them to a jury. We congratulate all those involved and look forward to further exciting applications in the logistics environment.

IATA ONE Record Hackathon - 2023


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You can download, install and start our reference implementation as an open source project under the following link ("develop" branch):


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